How to Rock Your Couple Session

The goal of our engagement / anniversary / lovers’ session is to capture your love at a specific, special moment in time. The most important thing is that you both look like yourselves and feel super comfortable. Wear clothes and pick a place that feel like you, that are you!

The following are some tips as we prepare for the session! They are guidelines, not rules. You do you, boo!



Pick a place that feels true to you and your relationship! The great outdoors naturally give us a lot to explore and work with. At home sessions + neighborhood sessions are especially intimate and super personal (a huge plus if you get good natural light at home). Urban areas can be super modern and cool. Make it a vacation and rent a cute airbnb! Whatever you decide — keep in mind that these photos last forever. If there’s a spot that is meaningful to your relationship or a place that you both have been meaning to adventure to — we should probably start there.

Weekdays are generally better for sessions if it’s a popular location. If you are people shy, I would avoid crowds. Some locations might require a permit. 80% of the time, we will likely shoot right before sunset.



Super bright/bold colors will draw attention away from your face. Reds and oranges will reflect on most skin tones. Large patterns or logos will be distracting.

Neutrals are greys, whites, and blues — they are also earthy tones like mustard, dark green, navy, etc . If one person is wearing something with patterns, the other person should probably stick with a solid.

If you need help deciding what to wear and what goes together, bring a few options to the session and we can go figure it out as a team! We will typically shoot with 1 outfit, 2 max. (Don’t forget to iron your clothes ahead of time!)

It’s important to wear clothes that make sense for the setting. On the beach? You’re probably not going to wear shoes. Going on a hike? You probably don’t want heels. Shooting in summer? Don’t wear a sweater because sweating is inevitable.

I recommend that for at home sessions — the more skin, the better.



I can’t stress comfort enough because we’re gonna walk, run, sit, dance. Because of this, it’s also important to wear clothes that make you feel your best and flatter your body type.

It can be great when you wear clothing or accessories that can show movement by catching wind — such as a flowing dress — because it adds energy to the photos and makes things more dynamic.

Jackets, scarves, hats, beanies, jewelry also give us a lot to play with. You can leave your watch (especially your apple watch) at home since we don’t want anything to distract from your faces.


May Iosotaluno Engagement.jpg

I’m not talking about cheesy props like balloons or the strange stuff you sometimes see on Pinterest. I’m talking about things that you both enjoy — your dog? YES please. A picnic? A blanket and a campfire? Ice cream cones? We don’t want to get bogged down by bags or props, but if there’s a simple thing or an activity you want to incorporate into your session, let’s chat! If you enjoy a drink, feel free to bring some booze! Liquid courage anyone?



Whatever will make you feel your best, do it. I will say about 1 in 5 women will get their makeup done before a session. Just remember that the goal is to look like yourself and to be comfortable. Will you feel super confident if you are glammed up? Or do you actually hate makeup and you’re worried about getting it all over your partner’s white shirt? Do what feels right to you.

I do recommend having clean nails or even treat yoself to a manicure.


Are you goofy? Are you super extroverted? Are you quiet? Let’s be true to your relationship and capture that. Treat the session like a date, not a photo-shoot.

Be silly. Be intimate. Make your partner laugh. Run into the water. Don’t worry about your hair. Flirt. If it rains, embrace it. I’m going to give you my all during this shoot, and I need you to meet me halfway. Honesty is required. Vulnerability encouraged. This isn’t about making perfect pictures, it’s about making real portraits.

On the day of the shoot, don’t have a stress-filled day. Take it easy. Grab lunch together, relax, hang out. Prioritize each other for the day — it will translate in the photos.


now let’s have some fun!