frequently asked

Below you will find some of the most common questions couples end up asking (or wanting to ask). Please read through and if you are wondering about anything else, don’t hesitate to reach out! I am an open book and a resource for you.




How do you approaching shooting a wedding?


My goal is to capture the vibe and feeling of the day. My style is moody, romantic, with a photojournalistic approach. Being small, I’m sneaky and love capturing candids. Having worked in film, I know how to balance being creative and the not-so-fun stuff like logistics. I always give direction to make sure you look your best! I love natural light and will save the flash for party time. It’s important to me to collaborate with my couples to figure out what matters most. Let’s have some fun.


Help! We’re awkward in front of the camera.


My top priority is to make sure you are comfortable. I try not to rigidly over-pose couples, but I will give tips and prompts while shooting. Sometimes I play music. Sometimes I tell bad jokes. Sometimes I just take a step back, let you guys be quiet and enjoy the moment. Honestly, if you focus on your loved one and being in the moment — the pictures will be magic.


How many images will WE get?


It can vary, but on average at least 75 images per shooting hour with 2 photographers.


When will We receive OUR images after the event?


The pictures will be ready 8 weeks after the wedding, 4 weeks after the engagement session.


Do you travel for Photography?


Heck yes! Travel and photography might be my two favorite things in the world. I am passport ready and will go anywhere for you. Travel fees may apply and vary depending on the destination. Always down for an adventure.


Do WE need a second shooter?


While totally a preference, having a second shooter means you’ll get more photos from multiple perspectives. It is a great option if you have enough people at your wedding to make up a village.


We know why we are investing in wedding photos, but what does our investment actually cover?


Taking photos is just a fraction of the job. There’s so much that goes on behind the scenes! In addition to paying for expertise and shooting time, you are investing in labor hours set aside for preparation and editing, professional equipment, insurance, gallery hosting, editing software, backups, travel costs and time, customer service, taxes, design time for albums, and professional teams.


We like what we see. Now what?


Get in touch! From there, we’ll chat and get to know one another. (kind of like dating…) If we vibe, you’ll sign a contract and pay a 30% retainer to secure the date. Easy peasy.