Wedding Day Questionnaire

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You've made all the plans. Now let's go over the nitty gritty.

If a question does not apply to you, feel free to put n/a. 

We will use this questionnaire to guide a potential followup FaceTime / phone call.  

Partner 1 Name *
Partner 1 Name
Partner 1 Name
Partner 2 Name *
Partner 2 Name
Partner 2 Name
Partner 1 Phone Number
Partner 2 Phone Number
Wedding Date *
Wedding Date
Wedding Date
Partner 1 Parents' Names
Partner 2 Parents' Names
Do you have a wedding coordinator? If so, please include name and contact info.
What is the Taco Night Welcome Dinner address and timeframe?
Alternate Contacts & Phone Numbers
If you have a full wedding day timeline, please copy and paste it here:
Where is the ceremony?
What time does the ceremony start?
What time does the ceremony start?
What time does the ceremony start?
Is this a religious wedding?
If so, what type of faith?
Approximately how long will the ceremony last?
Who is officiating?
When would you like to take family photos?
Who will be the designated photo helper? This person will help gather folks during family photos. This person is ideally sassy, organized, and knows the fam. Please list name and relationship.
Are there any special family situations (divorces, deaths, etc) that we need to be sensitive to?
Where would you like to take your magic hour couple portraits?
Are there any restrictions and special guidelines we must adhere to at your venue(s)?
Are there any unique touches or special traditions we should be aware of?
VENDORS: We want to be sure to give proper photo credit to all the folks who help make your wedding magical! Please include instagram handles if they have them.
Florist Name
Wedding Dress Detailer & Designer
Caterer Name
DJ/Band Name
Other Vendors or Note
Current Mailing Address
Fun fact about you two as a couple
What is the most important thing you want captured on your big day?
Whew! That was a lot. Now pour yourself a glass of wine - you deserve it! See you in a few short weeks!