What is a lifestyle session?

At-home newborn, baby and family sessions are all about capturing a special moment in time.My focus is to create intimate and honest images of you and your loved ones together in a casual, personal space. Newborn photos are ideally captured with 5-10 days after the baby’s birth to take advantage of their constant sleeping.

For newborns, there will also be a small posed portion. I like to take photos of the newborn swaddled and/or undressed, posed in a way you would find them naturally either on the bed or on a bean bag I will bring.

WHEN AND Where will we shoot?

I am a natural light photographer; we will shoot when and where the light is best in your home.  Ideally, that is the nursery, master bedroom, and perhaps the living room. If you are able to de-clutter ahead of time — amazing! However, no need to. I may push furniture or move some things around day of, but don't worry — I will move them back when we are done! I just ask that you have your bed made and if possible, with a neutral comforter or quilt on top. If there are any special items like heirlooms or blankets you want to include in the shoot, just point them out day of.

What do We wear?

Keep it simple and neutral. For babies, toddlers, adults — creams, whites, grays, blues are great options but anything neutral is great. Stay away from super dark colors, distracting patterns, and bold logos. As for the newborn, I recommend neutral onesies, muslin swaddles, or just a diaper - whatever is most comfortable. It's nice when the whole family has a similar color palette, but don't worry about matching too much. Try to avoid anything that wrinkles easily.

How Long Do We Shoot?

A typical session can be anywhere from 1-2 hours. The baby is in charge - so however long is needed to feed, do diaper breaks, etc. If the mother is open to it and breastfeeding, I love to capture a feeding as the experience is so intimate and true to motherhood. We can also capture bath time as well if you are interested.


For newborn shoots specifically, there are a few things that can be helpful:

  • Crank up the heat before our session! Especially if the baby will be unclothed, we want the space warm and cozy for the newborn. I can bring a space heater if needed.

  • For posed newborn photos, we want the baby at its sleepiest. Usually being milk drunk does the trick so we like to begin shooting those once the baby has been fed and burped.

  • Your hands will play a role in this session, so make sure they look clean and lovely!

  • We want to keep things relatively quiet, with exception to a white noise maker or some ambient nursery tunes.

  • Try to relax! If and when the baby poops or wails, that's totally okay and 100% expected. I promise! :)

This is not about creating perfect images — it's about celebrating life, love and devotion in its purest form. We will take our time and have fun. <3