May Iosotaluno
May Iosotaluno
Los Angeles Wedding + Elopement Photographer

the lowdown

  • Weird, but seriously: The day will go wrong if the bed isn’t made

  • Background: Filmmaking. Graduated from USC Film School. Worked at Pixar.

  • Promise: To travel abroad every year

  • I like: Nice people, hiking, sending postcards

  • I live for: My 2 rambunctious nieces (who prefer my bf over me)

  • I binge: Chef’s Table, dog gifs, and noodles of all styles

  • Currently reading: How to Do Nothing by Jenny Odell

  • Personal Goal: To get scuba certified

  • Personal Goal #2: To become a dog mom

  • Say it with me: Eye-sew-tah-loo-no (it’s not as hard as it looks!)


it’s more than pretty pictures.


It’s creating a dedicated space where you can be yourself with your partner and your chosen family — a space to breathe, to cry, to be goofy, to party, to be intimate. It’s capturing both your big important moments but also your quiet, in-between ones.

And it’s not just a job.

I'm the kind of photographer and human being who wants to connect with my couples and families.  You have my promise — I will work my ass off for you. I will cry with you. I will laugh with you. I will truly try to see you and have my photos be your mirror.

So if you’re down to have a third wheel, forge a new friendship, and make something beautiful together, I’d love to chat.



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