May Iosotaluno
May Iosotaluno
Los Angeles Wedding + Elopement Photographer

the lowdown

  • Weird, but seriously: The day will go wrong if the bed isn’t made

  • Background: Filmmaking. Graduated from USC Film School. Worked at Pixar.

  • Left handed, extroverted introvert

  • I like: candles, hiking, sending postcards from abroad

  • I live for: My 2 rambunctious nieces (who prefer my partner over me)

  • I binge: Chef’s Table, fluffy dog gifs, and noodles of all styles

  • Currently reading: On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous by Ocean Vuong

  • Personal Goal: To get scuba certified

  • Personal Goal #2: To become a dog mom

  • Say it with me: Eye-sew-tah-loo-no (it’s not as hard as it looks!)


hey there, i’m may


I’m a Southern California based wedding and lifestyle photographer. Find me in Downtown Los Angeles with my other half of 8 years, sipping matcha, likely scheming our next global adventure.

I’m going to be real with you. When a loved one passed away in 2016, grief hit me hard. I left my job, took time to heal, and wrestled with some important questions, including — how did I want to spend my one, brief life on this pale blue dot called home?

Documenting the good times, making new friends, and celebrating love was my answer.

So if you’re down to have a third wheel, forge a new friendship, and make something beautiful together, I’d love to chat.



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