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The Lautner Compound: A Mid-Century Modern Palm Springs Wedding

In beautiful Palm Springs and in the most modern of spaces - Angela and Jeff said their I Dos amongst loved ones at a mid-century masterpiece – the Lautner Compound. High school sweethearts, most of their wedding party comprised of close childhoods friends. The wedding was tasteful (and tasty), modern, AND a rager — I’ve never seen so many individuals passionately grooving to Bruno Mars as I did that night.

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Leah + Kevin : A Rainy Day Gathering

In a wedding like in life — attitude is everything. Leah and Kevin were laid-back, calm, completely unfazed by the gloomy forecast. With clear umbrellas,  warm smiles and surrounded by loved ones — tears of joy fell from the April sky and onto these lovebirds at Vizcaya in Sacramento, CA. 

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